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Name: Sven Sipido

Age: 27

Country/Location/Time Zone: (just time zone is fine for privacy concerns)CET
Can you make our raid times? Attendance is a very important factor for our raids, it is of utmost importance you meet the times/days.. Most importantly, if you are indeed offered a trial period, we of course expect you to be online for most if not all of the raids available. (Animosity raids 19.00 - 23.00 server Wednesday- Thursday and Monday, invites start at 18.45 server) Yes, attendance shouldn't be a problem.


Character(s) Applying (Level / Race / Class): AxĂ­ 110 Worgen Priest

Armory Link (please log out in raiding gear for your desired primary spec):

Current server/Original server: Defias Brotherhood

Other character classes played to 110: SurvivalHunter, HolyPaladin(WIP)

---RAID PROGRESSION--- As I was stranded in a hc guild I only have hc mode cleared. Pugged 4/10 mythic NH last week for what its worth(not much)

Please describe your past/current raiding experiences that you feel is relevant to be mentioned.

---WoW Classic--- (level 60 kills only)Started lvling shortly before TBC
---Burning Crusade--- (level 70 kills only) all
---Wrath of the Lich King--- (level 80 kills only) all
---Cataclysm---(level 85 kills only) all
---Mist Of Pandaria---(level 90 kills only) CasualPlayer
---Warlords of Draenor---(level 100 kills only) CasualPlayer
---Legion--- Heroic

Previous guild(s)/reason for leaving: If you take a look at my guildhistory you'll see I only left Animosity Apr 7th, 2017. Up untill then I had been in the guild as a social member for about 5 years. The reasoning behind this was the fact I wanted to raid, but I couldn't (and shouldn't) expect the guild to pick me up where I left off. (undergeared and with no experience). The past few months I took the time to build up my character and general knowledge to a point I think its acceptable to apply for a raiding spot again.

Provide a link to a current ( parse showing your performance in a raids. ,I feel like these will be of no importance but it's something.


What resources do you use to keep updated on your current class, in terms of theory crafting and how do you determine your BiS list(s)?I can say I'm happy priests have a really good forum to turn to in H2P ( Its an active comunity and reliable/updated source of info. BiS lists really depends on the moment, Weighing out secondary stats to me feels more important than blindly following a BiS list.

What unique things can your class do to contribute to a raid's success in completing the Mythic 20-man end-game content? How would you change your talents, enchants, glyphs, or gems to maximize your potential on these encounters? Having A holy priest means you can count on alot of versatility. Being capable of both spothealing or raidhealing, and packed with some nieche survivabilitySpells in LeapofFaith/GuardianSpirit. When choosing talents/legendaries it comes down to comunication and knowing what is needed.

Why do you want to be a member of Animosity, and what are your expectations for this guild? What experience do you have with Animosity members (name any particular members with whom you've interacted and in what setting)? Its hard to come in and expect things, so as far as expectations go I can say all I want is to experience ToS in an environment that encourages working towards our goal wich is clearing ToS Mythic. I had the pleasure doing Mythic+ with Aya, Masti, merckz and smacker.

What makes you an exceptional player who would be a valuable contribution to our talent pool? How do you stand out from the crowd? What makes me and any player exceptional is dedication. When it comes to my character and gameplay I can say I work hard on it. I don't go easy on myself and I expect from myself to perform every time. I feel bad when I fuck up and that itself encourages me to do better. I might not be the most vocal guy and nor will I try to be. But when asked I will often offer a wellthought view on the matter. I know for me, alot is riding on recommendations and stuff like 'oh yh I remember that guy' but I will take the challenge of proving myself and earning my spot very serious.

Tell us a little something about yourself outside of the game.I'm an easy going twentyer, no wife, no kids and gamer4life. I live in Oostende, Belgium. Glorious city of great raiders (Aya confirms). Besides having a strong dislike towards money and greed, I'm not that extroardinary. I try not to judge people, its important to treat everyone with respect.


Give us a brief rundown of your system specs (i.e. CPU/GPU/RAM/OS): i7, 16GB RAM, Geforce GTX1070

Do you have a stable internet connection? ( - copy forum link and paste, so it will show the result in your application)

Do you have Discord and a working microphone installed? Yes, I have both.
#13306506 Jun 18, 2017 at 09:34 PM
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Hi Axi!

We've already had a very in depth chat, thank you for posting this application for others to see. ACCEPTED.

Healing Officer
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