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#13426718 Sep 05, 2017 at 11:14 PM
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Sweden, UTC+01:00

Yes i shouldnt have any problems at all being at the set raid time, When im working i work around my own hours and dont really have any time schedule i follow.


110 Male Dwarf Shaman

Currently playing on Defias, i Started playing on Sporeggar back in the days.

Assa Rogue (Fully geared and play on him as much as i can) Blood DK and Protection Warrior, All Dwarfs since all my characters are Dwarf :D (My shaman is a bit behind gear wise, but thats only cuz of my Rogue have been the main raiding char for the last 2 tiers, but healing shouldnt be a problem)


---WoW Classic--- Didnt raid at all, just went around and leveled
---Burning Crusade--- Same deal here as in Vanilla
---Wrath of the Lich King--- Raided in a whole swedish guild called 961 and an English guild called Aftershock, Raided as a Shadow Priest then and did all raid content that was there
---Cataclysm---Raided with my whole Swedish guild 961, Only did the first 2 Raids there and then took a break when the Zandalari patch came out
---Mist Of Pandaria---Came back to WoW mid Throne of Thunder, did the whole Throne of Thunder and later on raided SoO and went on to do Mythic when that came out
---Warlords of Draenor---Started raiding with another whole Swedish guild called Skärselden but that later reformed to Djungelpatrullen, Did all raid content that was given, never did anything higher then first couple of bosses in Mythic because we didnt have enough players.
---Legion--- Started the Expansion with Djungelpatrullen and cleared EN, HOV, NH and TOS in both Normal and HC, Only did EN on Mythic and a couple of bosses in NH plus TOS, The same reason here, lack of people made it hard to raid.

Djungelpatrullen, My reason for leaving is because the toxic environment took the fun away from raiding.


Im hoping for a stable and nice raid team that has their mind focused on whats ahead and want to achieve it as well, But also know how to have fun with it if stuff doesnt go as planned.

I am a very flexible person and have no problems adapting to the situation that occurs and i dont have any problems with being told if im performing bad or doing something wrong, I'll often sit more then late after raids fine tuning things that needs to be changed before the next time so i can be at my best.

I'm a fun and easy going guy that likes to play lots of games, mostly wow but i switch between WoW, GTA, Dota 2 and other games that i feel like playing for now. I also work out a lot at my spare time cuz of my job being at a Gym for now, it goes hand in hand sort of speak. I also enjoy movies
and being with my friends when the is right.


GPU: Asus GeForce Gtx 1060 6GB
RAM: Corsair 16GB DDR3 1600MHz
CPU: AMD FX-8320 8C 3.5 GHz Black Edition, Overclocked and watercooled (Its and old shitty CPU i know,
but it does what it need i havent had any problems running any new games with it
OS: I run Windows 10, with the latest patches.
Usually 20/2 (ADSL is shit i know since my apartment complex is still waiting for an upgrade) But there seems to be some disturbance in my area when i checked my providers page.

I do actually have Discord and a working mic (A snowball Microphone so you guys can hear my crispy Swenglish voice)
#13426846 Sep 06, 2017 at 01:13 AM
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Kinda bad timing Animosity has stopped raiding on defias
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